THL Caterina Angelica Galilei (mka Lisa Adkins)


The Group Seneschal serves as the principal mundane legal representative of the SCA within the group. The Seneschal is responsible for ensuring that what is happening meets the various SCA requirements as laid out in the governing documents, Kingdom laws, and any applicable mundane laws. Ultimately the Seneschal’s role is to foster the group’s operation and development and make sure that it is soundly based, well run, well behaved, growing, and connected to the rest of the SCA.  Lady Caterina has joined the SCA in 2005, participating in both the Kingdoms of Trimaris and Meridies. She has a love of researching, astronomy, and teaching.


Captain Dante Alatrista (mka Aaron Michael Dove)


The Reeve manages the finances and equipment of the Shire. She maintains the budget, ensures expenditures of Shire funds are properly documented, submits the financial report each quarter, and generally handles anything to do with money.  The current Reeve is Captain Dante Michelangelo Alatrista, MoB.


Kurt Bogner (mka Curtis Halbrook)


Heralds have many responsibilities. Their primary duty is to help members create suitable names and devices for use within the SCA, and often serve in secretarial functions during Populous meetings. Our current herald is Kurt Bogner.

Arts & Sciences

Þýri Agviðardóttir (Thyri / Bekah Breland)


The Arts and Sciences are the base of our Society, the means by which we bring the feeling of Medieval and Renaissance history to life. Whether it is beautiful banners surrounding the battlefield, decorations in the feast hall, or simply the clothing that is worn, the arts and science can be seen wherever you look. Just as importantly, it is through our research and recreation that we maintain our status as an educational non-profit. The arts and sciences encompass many different areas including costuming, brewing, painting, cooking, dancing, singing, and all of the research done to make these activities and items more historically accurate. There is something in the Arts and Sciences for everyone.

The current A&S officer is Þýri Agviðardóttir. Thyri specializes in Viking and early period Roman personas, and enjoys sewing, archery, and has a passion for pouches, purses and other period accessories.

Heavy Weapons MarshalHeavy Weapons Marshal



The position of the Heavy Weapons Marshal is currently open.


Rapier MarshalRapier Marshal

Sirona Boann (mka Celeste Will)


Rapier combat in the SCA is reminiscent of the sword-fighting styles of the renaissance period (1500-1600’s) of Europe. Using rapiers (a long thin sword, better suited to thrusting than cutting than its earlier counterpart), daggers, bucklers, cloaks, and other items, we attempt to learn and recreate to methods of civilian self-defense. In learning this “arte of defense” we often draw upon the wisdom and instruction of original manuscripts, written by the great masters-of-arms of the period. Rapier combat in the SCA is based on a code of honor and courtesy. Unlike modern fencing where judges are used, the rapier combatants themselves are responsible for determining if the attacks they receive are “good” based on the angle, location, and force of the strike. Safety officers, known as “Marshals” are always on hand to ensure that the combat is performed safely and to ensure that all equipment used meets established safety standards. The current Rapier Marshal is Sirona Boann.


Ysabel Marguerite du Val (mka Marsha Halbrook)


Ysabel is the Chatelaine or new member coordinator for the Shire. As Chatelaine, she can help you find your bearing as a new member including persona research, loaner garb, and introducing you to other members with whom you share common interests.


Lady Issepa De Rossa (mka Ann Gaswint)

The Chronicler is responsible for keeping minutes of the populous meetings and notifying members of the shire about upcoming events and activities through newsletters. Lady Issepa De Rossa is our current chronicler.



William Lewys (mka Jason Cherches)

Deputy: Adaire

The Quartermaster is responsible for the storage, inventory, and upkeep of all Shire property. Our current quartermaster is William Lewys.



Lord Jacopo Cantaore (mka Harry Coburn)

Deputy: Stefania Zaffiro


The Webminister designs, updates, and maintains the Shire website.The Webminister is a warranted office, and he or she holds a Warrant from the Kingdom Webminister for a two-year term of office.

Social Media OfficerSocial Media Officer

Stefania Zaffiro (mka Emily Hunter)


The Social Media Officer handles the social media pages of the shire.