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Newcomer’s Collegium 2018

The Shire of Owl’s Nest invites all to attend

Newcomer’s Collegium – Taking Flight

April 28th, 2018, 9 AM – 7 PM

Red Top Mountain State Park Group Shelter #2
659 Red Top Mountain Rd SE
Cartersville, GA 30121


We all remember our first event, right? Whether you’re brand new to the SCA or want to volunteer to help new people, our Newcomer’s Collegium has something for you. Come join us for a day at Red Top Mountain State Park for classes, feasting, fighting, and more!


From I-75 North: Take exit 285 for Red Top Mountain Road. Turn right onto Red Top Mountain SE and follow the SCA signs.

GPS coordinates: N 34.142950, W -084.706700


Pricing at the gate:
Adult: $12.00
Under 18: Free
Parking Pass/Vehicle: $5.00
Feast (46 spots): $6.00
Members receive a $5.00 discount
Make cheques payable to:  SCA, Inc./Shire of Owl’s Nest

Preregistrations can be sent to:
THL Caterina Angelica Galilei
mka Lisa Adkins
4005 Wellcrest Drive NW
Kennesaw, GA 30152
813-928-5817 Before 9 PM

We may have a PayPal button soon for prereg, check this space for updates!

Parking and Pavilions Note:

You may be able to find free Georgia State Park passes at your local library. Otherwise, you will need to pay the separate $5.00 parking fee. Parking is quite limited. Please carpool! Take that newcomer with you!

The fighting area is SHADED but it is also small. Please do not bring pavilions to conserve fighting space. Chairs and blankets are welcome!


The feast menu can be found at this link (PDF).


The current class list includes:

  • Easy Viking Apron Dress
  • Basic Kids Garb
  • Simple period tunics (lecture)
  • Patterning period tunics (open help session)
  • Finishing your period tunics
  • Chinese Dance Movement I
  • Chinese Dance Movement 2: Water Sleeves
  • What is a persona, anyway?
  • Thrifting in the SCA
  • Toward a more period encampment
  • Beginning calligraphy
  • So you want to be a Scribe?
  • So your group wants to use PayPal?
  • Protocol & precedence
  • Armour through the ages
  • Introduction to Combat Archery
  • Sword and Dagger 101
  • Heraldry 101 – So you want a device.
  • Feastcooking 101
  • Celtic braided bracelets ($2 fee)
  • European dance
  • Intro to Youth Armored Combat
  • Regional Youth Combat Practice

We also have children’s classes!

  • Build a da Vinci Parachute
  • Guess the Herbs: a youth beginner’s class to identifying herbs.
  • Black Plague: Learn about how the Black Plague spread, and the statistics of survival.
  • Mommy, What Is A Peer?
  • Youth Dance Class

Current times for classes can be found at this link.

There will be a Scriptorium open all day!

If you would like to teach an indoor class, please contact Lady Ysabel du Val at Spaces are filling up!

Fencing, field, and all forms of fighting classes can easily be worked into the tourney schedule for ease of attendance. Please contact Curtis Brian Halbrook to teach a class.

Fencing and Heavy Fighting:

Please see the pavilion note if you haven’t yet!

Armor inspection and authorizations at 9 am.

Stretching and warm up for fencing 10 am.

Newcomer Fencing Tournaments

Fledgling Flight Tournament at 10:30 – bridesmaid tourney- participants will be paired up with a “personal trainer” for this round robin tourney. The newer the fencer you are, the more experienced your coach. MOBs and MoDs are encouraged to come bring the next generation into their own.

Capture the Carrion- rather tavern brawl-like melee- instead of a flag, your flock must capture the, well, carrion. Don’t worry, the carrion will NOT be served at feast!

Fighting Classes

We have a series of classes each leading into the next! We’ll start with “Intro to Alternative Weapon Systems (Glaive, Great Sword, Buckler, Two Sword)”, followed by Training Pick-ups with each of the styles to find out which you like. Next is a focused study on the style you choose, followed by a small break.

At the end of the break, there will be an Alternate Weapon System Tournament! Double Elimination, best 2/3.

Fundraiser Lunch:

Choice of a pork or mushroom/veggie hand pie, cheese & veggies, and water or iced tea for $5. Lunch is being served by THL Ana de Granada and Otomo Hide from the College of Phoenix Rising. They are raising funds for Welcome Home.


Our event will be graced by four merchants with goods for sale to the populace:

  • Gryphon’s Moon
  • Known World Enterprises
  • Pesce’s Jewelry
  • Fairytale Fragrances

Event Contact Information:

Event Steward:
Lady Þýri Agviðardóttir
mka Bekah Breland

Class Administrator:
Lady Ysabel du Val
mka Marsha Halbrook

Lord William Lewis
mka Jason Cherches