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Crossroads 2018

The Shire of Owl’s Nest invites all to attend

Crossroads at the New World

September 7th-9th, 2018

Camp Daniel Morgan
Hard Labor Creek Camp
Rutledge, Georgia 30663


This year’s Crossroads theme is the New World. Come and learn about Europe’s discovery of the New World, the hope it held in Renaissance thought, and the bounties that were discovered there. There will be potatoes, as well as Their Majesties and Their Highnesses!

Directions and Site Information

Site opens at 5 PM Friday and closes at 11 AM on Sunday

GPS coordinates: N 33.6549850 | W -83.596848


$25 weekend, $17 Daytrip
(Pre-reg before August 31st: $23 weekend, $15 daytrip)
SCA members get a $5 discount

Parking: $5 per vehicle, to be paid at troll!

Feast: $8

PayPal pre-registration is now LIVE! The link is at

Physical pre-registrations can be mailed to:

Ailan Sanchez Olsen
2994 Christophers Ct.
Marietta, GA 30062

Please address checks to “SCA Inc. – Shire of Owl’s Nest”

Feast and Traveler’s Fare:

Traveler’s Fare will be a Loaded Baked Potato Bar.

Here is the feast menu, featuring tastes of the New World.

There will be a Dessert Revel as well! Bring your best desserts to show off your skills to the populace. All entries must include an ingredient list. Contact Memre Savant for more details.

Fundraiser Lunch:

Sometime about 3000 B.C., people of the Sierra Madre Mountains in Mexico hybridized wild grasses to produce the large, nutritious kernels we know as corn. Throughout the ages this magical kernel’s uses have evolved into many dishes.

In the 1400, the Spanish reached the shores of what is now Mexico. The indigenous Mesoamericans had a sophisticated and flavorful corn-based cuisine. September 8, 2018 – These culinary delights are now being brought to you by the “privateer” ship the “Siren’s Thirst” for your masticating pleasure. You’ll enjoy:

  • Pirate Taco Boats – made with ground hamburger (vegetarian option available). Lettuce, tomato, cheese, sour cream and salsa are included. These are not tiny taco shells – they are big boats!
  • Cinnamon Brownies
  • Tea, sweet and unsweet

2 taco boat meal – $5.00
3 taco boat meal – $7.00

Doubloons and rum will also be considered for payment, on a per case basis, please see the Pirate in charge for further details!

All proceeds will help fund The Salty Foundation. The Salty Foundation is a new group formed by the Pirates in the Alliance that will benefit numerous groups close to our hearts including, Mrs. Nettle’s flexible seating in Waycross, Ga., We Care Solar, and Noah’s Ark in Locust Grove, Ga. , as well as, local members in need.

A&S Competitions:

Calling all artisans!  The Shire of Owl’s Nest is proud to announce that the A&S season will officially kick off with our regional A&S faire at this year’s Crossroads at the New World!  This faire is open to artisans of all skill levels and experience, and is a great way to get your work seen by our kingdom’s Laurels and OVO’s, as well as receive valuable feedback to help you on your A&S journey.  Finished entries and works in progress are welcome to enter.  Even if your entry isn’t finished, it is still an exploration of new  territory which is what our theme is all about!

Sign up is encouraged but not required. The signup link for the regional and open A&S competitions is here.

A brewing competition is also planned. Contact Memre Savant for more details.


We now have our classes!

Alfonso X of Spain, called “The Wise” – A short history class on one of the more enlightened and interesting kings of Spain.

Flag Fans ($5 fee) – Learn the history of fans – flag fans in particular – and make your own fan to take with you. (You will probably need to finish it on your own – it usually takes longer than an hour.)

Intro to Poisons and the Macabre – We will discuss the basics of historic poisons, poisoners, remedies, and memento mori.

Introduction to Bobbin Lace ($10 kit available) – An introduction to the basics of making bobbin lace. Students will learn how to set up a pillow, prepare a pattern, wind bobbins, and create a basic plait and windmill crossing.

Online Resources for the Independent Researcher Parts 1 & 2 ($3 fee for huge handout) – Resources, tips and tricks for researching on line without access to a university library.

So You Want to Run an Event? – Have you been thinking you’d like to steward an event, but don’t know how to get started? Join us for a class to help you think about how to put a bid together, determine your budget, organize your staff, supplies you’ll need, advertising your event, and other related topics. Bring your questions for our roundtable discussion!

A&S Questions and Answers – Ask all the questions! See a sample entry and learn about the mysterious art of judging.

Iron Age Pottery Class and Demo (if conditions allow) – Learn the history and techniques of creating Iron Age pottery for cooking .

The Columbian Exchange – The New World provided a whole new crop of foods, products, and even diseases that crossed the ocean in both directions. Activities will feature the exploration of Old World/New World Foods, The Exploring Countries that made the discoveries, and the Pirates that followed them. Open to students ages 8 to Adult.

Roundtable of the Exploring Countries – The Age of Expansion and Exploration was dominated by a handful of wealthy countries out to gain position, glory, resources and fame. Noted dignitaries will sit on the roundtable panel to discuss the motivations for their country’s thirst for the next great discoveries. Questions from the audience are encouraged.

15th Century Bassadanze: Gioliva – This is a very fun 15th Century Italian bassadanze for couples. All steps to be taught. Handouts will be provided.

Beginning Cascarde: La Castellana – Has late 16th century Italian dance intimidated you? La Castellana is a low-stress introduction to cascarde that will serve as a stepping stone for other dances of this genre. Handouts will be provided. All steps to be taught.

Using the Heavens for Navigation – This class will explore different tools that were utilized in celestial navigation.

Kakaw, Cacahuatl, Theobroma – Food of the Gods – A review of our favorite New World food! Class members will prepare Aztec cacahuatl and Spanish hot chocolate from ingredients provided and sample the results. We will discuss how chocolate was used by the Mayans and Aztecs, Aztec and European judgments of its humoural/medicinal qualities, evolution of recipes from European discovery to the 17th c., and development into our modern treat.

All Day Scriptorium – Come bring your scribal gear and color with us!


There is a meeting of the Order of the Pelican to be held at this event at 1:30 p.m. on Saturday.

There is also a meeting of the Order of the Velvet Owl immediately after the Pelican meeting ends.


Impress Cortes… Or Else!

Early Bird Bear pit style tournament from 9 -10 a.m.
Fighters shall line up and face the winner in a fight to gain the most points.
Point system: MoD’s worth 5, MoB’s worth 3, CAR’s worth 2, and everyone else worth 1.
Winner stays in until he or she has defeated the entire line. If they do, they’ll gain 10 bonus points!
Doubles will be re-fought once. If it happens again, no points awarded and they rejoin the line.

Mutiny on Bounty!

Melee from 10:30-12 p.m.
When Hernan Cortes reached Yucatan in 1519, set on conquering the Aztecs, he scuttled 10 of his 11 ships and sent the other back to Cuba with some of the treasure he had found. He did this so that his men would have no thought of returning to Cuba. However, dissension has slipped among the Conquistadores. Some wish to return to Hispanola (Cuba)!

At the Marshal’s call, all fighters must decide if they want to mutiny or defend Cortes and his ship. Everybody starts with weapons secured (sheathed). The fighters will sound out their intentions by shouting either MUTINY MUTINY MUTINY! or DEFEND DEFEND DEFEND! The fights can take place on the boat, plank or the beach. If you step off the boat or the plank, you fall in the water and die.

MoD’s must be on the ship at the beginning of the battle and side with Cortes. MoB’s can side with either.
The battle ends when one side or the other has won.

Going for the Gold!

Themed resurrection battle from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m.
The Aztecs have the gold and the Conquistadores want it! Participating rapier fighters are divided equally into two teams. The Conquistadores start on the moored boat, and the Aztecs are spread out over the shore, as are all the bags of gold. The Conquistadores must disembark the boat, by way of the plank, capture all the gold that they can, and return it to the ship. The Aztecs must defend their gold and may board the ship to take it back.

Any weapon style may be used, but carrying a bag of gold requires one hand (which may NOT be used in combat while occupied with gold). You may not carry a bag of gold AND a weapon in the same hand. You MAY drop your bag of gold and draw another weapon to fight. No more than 1 bag of gold may be carried at one time.

Each side shall have a Holy Man. If you are wounded, you may return to YOUR TEAM’S Holy Man to be healed. If you are killed on your home turf (Conquistadores on the ship, Aztecs on Land) then you go to your Holy Man for resurrection. If you are killed on ENEMY turf, then you must go to THEIR Holy Man to be resurrected and CONVERTED!

If you are wounded in your gold hand, you must drop you bag of gold on the spot. If it falls in the water it is lost forever. If you are wounded in your sword arm, you must drop your gold to switch weapon hands, or you must neutralize your weapon (turn it point down and carry it by the forte) and make a run for it with your gold. If you are legged, you can defend any gold that you might be near, but you must beg someone else to kill you. NO SUICIDES! NO FIGHTING ON THE RUN!!! Proper DFB shall be observed!

The battle shall continue until one side or the other has all the gold or the clock runs out or all combatants have been converted to one side.

Heavy Fighting:

Armor Inspection 10:00 a.m.—11:00 a.m.
Bridesmaid’s Bearpit 10:30 a.m.—11:00 a.m.
Warlord of the New World 11:00 a.m.—12:30 p.m.
William Marshal Melee And Fundraiser 1:30 p.m.—4:00 p.m.

Bridesmaid’s Bearpit

In the wild land of the New World, two men enter—one man leaves…

Open to any fighter that has not won a tourney. Any fighter who wants to participate in this tourney must be inspected before the tourney starts.

Fighters shall compete in a timed bear pit. Winner stays in. Wins to be tallied at the end.

Warlord of the New World

Who shall conquer the New World…?

The first round is set up like a normal elimination tournament. The winner of each fight in the first round becomes the warlord for a two-man team of himself and the fighter he defeated. They will then fight another two-man team; the winner becomes the Warlord for a four-man team, which will fight another four-man team, etc… Eventually, there will be two armies fighting a melee, with the leader of the winning team being the “Warlord of the New World.”

William Marshal Melee

In the New World, there are riches to be won and lost…

THIS IS A FUNDRAISER TOURNAMENT — Fighters, Bankers, and any who wish to sponsor a fighter must bring a small item or a $5 cash donation to participate. Items collected will be donated to Meridies Kingdom Largesse. Cash collected will be donated to help out Mistress Christiana, who recently suffered a house fire.

Directions for Fighters

All combatants who donate will receive 25 coins.

Combatants shall form melee teams of 3-5 fighters. Combatants may fight as a team, but the goal is to ransom other combatants to collect coins as an individual.

When a combatant is struck with a good blow, he or she shall shout “good” and point to the fighter who struck him or her. This is now the captor and captive. Captors may escort captives to the bank to collect his or her ransom. If the captor is struck with a good blow before he or she escorts his or her captives to the bank, both are now captives.

Wounds shall be acted and retained until combatants are ransomed. Standard melee engagement conventions are in effect.

There is a no-fighting zone near the bank. Ransomed fighters must travel around the perimeter of the field to return to their team’s starting point before they may fight again.

Combatants may buy the service of other combatants who are out of coins.

Directions for Bankers

Anyone may donate a small item to receive 25 coins or cash at the rate $1 = 5 coins. Crowns shall have access to the balance of unissued coins.

Captives shall be ransomed at the following rates:
• 1 for Unbelt
• 2 for Squire
• 3 for Knights and Non-Royal Brass Hats
• 4 for Prince
• 5 for King

Directions for the Gallery

Artisans and gallery members may also donate items or cash to sponsor a fighter or distribute coins as they see fit. Have fun!! Remember to supervise the bankers…

Youth Fighting:

9:00am – Armor Inspection

10:00 am – Morning Tourneys – I will be offering a prize of a small chest.  Something that looks half pirate looking…  Great for small storage. 

11:00 am- Raiding the coffers – Get some chocolate coins!…  I will use the prize chest and have some chocolate coins.  The youth fighters must beat me…  But, that’s ok.. I’m a wimp…

11:30 am – Melee Training – (what to see at wars)
Good class / training for ANY Youth Combat fighters planning on going to Gulf Wars.

12:30 – End of Youth Combat


Merchant spaces are available!

Event Contact Information:

Co-Event Stewards:
Lady Sirona Boann
mka Celeste Will

Captain Dante Michael-Angelo Alatrista
mka Aaron Dove

A&S Competitons:
Þýri Agviðardóttir (Thyri)

Memre Savant

Class Administrators:

THLady Luta Thorfinnsdottir
mka Lisa Webster

Lord Jacopo Cantaore
mka Harry Coburn

Lord William Lewis
mka Jason Cherches

Lady Ysabel du Val

Youth Fighting:
THL David Duckworth