Yearly Event: Crossroads 2017

Come one and all from around the Known World to Crossroads 2017

Bridges: Building and Burning

Hosted by the Shire of Owl’s Nest!

September 8-10th
Booker T. Washington State Park
5801 Champion Rd, Chattanooga, TN

Join the Shire of Owl’s Nest for a medieval weekend celebrating Crossroads and Bridges. Armored Combat led by Sir Iazzi and Rapier Tournaments and Melees all themed around bridges and meeting at crossroads; classes on fire and other fascinating things; an A&S Faire with interesting challenges such as best mead and most obnoxious garb; Friday night the Cock and Feather Tavern with supper and gaming and music and a fantastic feast with dessert revel featuring live music Saturday night followed by a bonfire.


(at the gate)
Member registration
$22 for Adult Full Weekend (lodging and meals)
$18 Adult Daytrip

$27 for Adult Full Weekend(lodging and meals)
$23 Adult Daytrip

Feast for adults and children is $8

Prices for children and families per Kingdom Law.

Lady Caterina Angelica Galilei (mka Lisa Adkins)
4005 Wellcrest Dr NW, Kennesaw, GA 30152
Make checks payable to SCA, Inc./Shire of Owls Nest.

Gate Open and Close

Site opens at 5:00 p.m. Friday and closes at 9:00 am Sunday.


Your weekend registration includes bed space Friday and Saturday night. The Oaks Camp at Booker T. Washington State Park has been newly built. The cabins each sleep 8 with new beds and mattresses. You will need to bring your own bedding in twin size. The upper bunks have ladders and safety rails. The shower house is conveniently located at the edge of the cabin grouping.

UPDATE: Cabins are the only allowed accomodations onsite. NO camping space is available.


There is NO merchanting fee for this event! Please contact Elizabeth Silverlock at if you wish to merchant.

Rapier Fighting

We are planning bridge battles, we are planning Fight the Three Headed Troll Battles, we are planning Boat Battles! Bring your RBGs!!! We have lots of fun planned but we need YOU to be there to make it happen! So come on out, stab your friends, and have a great time!

Bring something that simulates a brick or a stone (but not an actual brick or an actual stone. Something that can be carried in one hand, like a painted or duct taped shoe box), and if you can bring a hula-hoop, preferably red, yellow or orange!

Heavy Fighting

Sir Iastreb Desislavich, will be marshal for the event.

The 1st tournament will be the Robin of Locksley Tourney – It will be an open format double-elimination tourney. Bring your best and fight the best.

The 2nd tournament will be the Little John Tourney – It will be a limited field tourney. No shields will be allowed in this tourney. Format to be determined based on participation.

The winners of these two tourneys will represent Robin of Locksley and the Sheriff of Nottingham. They will then lead teams in three melee scenarios:
a. Open field battle
b. Bridge battle
c. Resurrection with objective battle

Arts and Sciences

First there was a tournament, and people came in pretty much anything they could put together. Then people started trying to make better, more period stuff and showing it off. Much later some people decided there needed to be contests for making things and winners and all that.

We invite you to return to the simple joys of yesteryear at a Friendly A&S Faire. Bring what you have been working on recently. Bring that one thing that you are most proud of, or three. We have a large hall with lots of space. Be sure to set aside some time to visit everyone else, too, and learn.

There will be classes as well! The current class schedule can be found at this link.

Tacky Pants Contest

Bring your most obnoxious garb (for display, please), and THL Adair will give the most offensive garment a prize! (She is still deciding if the prize should continue the insanity, or help you overcome your unfortunate choices….) Jungle print houpeland? Polar fleece bliaut? Glow-in-the-dark trimmed T-tunic? Flannel ClanWalmart great kilt? Bring it on!!

Golden Goblet Meade Challenge

Elizabeth Silverloc has a Golden (appearing) Goblet to present to the one who brings the tastiest meade.


Mistress Mara will host a scriptorium in the hall all day Saturday. Come try your hand at scribing!


Baron Lorenzo will lead dancing after feast!  He will also teach a class during the day so you know what to do with your feet at the revel!

Live Music

The Electric Normans will be on site entertaining during feast and providing music for the dancers during the revel. Come enjoy their lovely sounds!

Evening Entertainment

The Cock and Feather tavern will be available for medieval games on Friday night. Saturday night will have a dessert revel and a bonfire. Bring your best songs!

Feast and other meals

Your weekend registration includes supper Friday, and breakfasts Saturday and Sunday. Feast on Saturday is $8 and we ask that you bring your own feast gear. Lunch on Saturday will be a fundraiser by the Barony of the South Downs.

Here are the courses for the feast! An ingredient list will be published soon.

First Course

Fish Waffles
Freshly made soft cheese

Second Course

Roasted Quail
Ember Day Tarts
Carrots and Parsnips
A small dessert

Third Course

Pyes of Paris

Still hungry? There will be a Dessert Revel and Beverage Revel! Your entry does not have to be period, but it does need to be homemade to be voted on. Beverages can be alcoholic or non-alcoholic. An ingredients list must be provided for all entries!